Sister’s love

Sturdily sturdily I stared
To watch over you whom I have always cared
A sister so bright and indispensable
That friend who would never ever sublime
With you, I would always be fine
When I get to that stage
Long lasting love, living in you, I would promulgate.
Let the heavens open, and the trumpet be sounded.
May your cries never fill your dimple
Daily consolations would u claim

Sturdily sturdily I stared
To defend you against anyone who would ever dare.
On my shoulders you can ever cry
When the patience is dripping, Catapults ready to fire
Even when a journey to the east or the west had the fame
My love for a beauty, so rare, would forever remain the same

But, sturdily sturdily now you stare
To watch and Vet who would take your place
Instincts and intuition so true
Thoughts accelerating
Wishes diminishing as the melting ice
When a choice risky as tossing a dice.

Sturdily sturdily you would forever stare!!!
Sturdily sturdily did I stare!!!
Sturdily sturdily I would always stare and care!!!

_ Antiok

Lordson  Ameamu

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  1. antiok229 says:

    anything on your mind?

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