Shades of the Anklet.

Come to Ghana and discover that national service in some parts of the country is undressed to be “national sacrifice”. With displeasure filled to the brim of my discontent, I wished I never returned to Takuve, a land where the visions of the seer, can be blindfolded with a sibling of mediocrity. But the children who need a future like you do, would need your hand, in order to take another step. That is the more reason why I had to go on stage and play my part.

In the bus, I wished I remained undisturbed, while I was buried in my novel for the three hour journey, from Accra, through Ho to Takuve. Behind me was a flame of controversy, and as it got intriguing, it lighted me up, but I had no choice, than to eavesdrop.
A lady and a man, who sat behind me, argued extensively on the use of anklets.

The man had spotted, from afar a lady dressed with anklets. Although she was quiet decently dressed, he expressed extreme displeasure, that, it was not morally upright for her to be dressed with anklets. Perhaps He would not marry any woman who believes that, that is a fashion and dresses with them. He strongly believes that, anklets have been attributed to harlots in this part of the world, despite western culture has embraced it.

Just when we were caught in traffic, the lady behind me, retorted; “I don’t see anything wrong with anklets”. It’s just a way of complementing your dressing, anklets are used as traditional royal ornaments for festivals; she added. Moreover, it’s part of creative art and I admire people who wear anklets; she said. Even if the perception that, it is attributed to harlots still stands tall and a lady might be drawing the wrong impression with anklets on, she believes that purity is in the heart and beyond physical appearance. Perhaps, someone might not have interest in anklets, but is one the biggest harlot anyone could ever think of.

Then the man asked the lady this question which blew me off my seat while I simultaneously burst into the controversy. WOULD YOU WEAR  ANKLETS OF ANY SORT TO CHURCH?
She paused for a while and said No, on the reason that she wouldn’t feel like wearing them. While she could not substantiate that claim, I realized there was something wrong and I was in a dilemma and I couldn’t side with any of them.

Now let me take you to the evolution of anklets.
Anklets have been biblically referred to as “ornaments of the leg” or “ankle chains”. In Isaiah 3:16-21 a warning was sent to the women of Jerusalem, where in a way of punishing them for flirting, it was written ; “The Lord will take away the brevity of their tinkling ornaments about their feet”. Moreover the Lord described the daughters of Zion as being haughty and walked with stretched fort necks.
However, it’s believed in some parts the world, that amber anklet helps in teething of babies, but I wonder if it really works. The superstition around anklets is a whole debatable issue all together.
With this, where lies the fate of the adorable Anklets?

—- antiok —-
Lordson Ameamu


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