Be Great

Be Great, Oo Be Great.
You Sons of Nkrumah and Mandela the Africans.
You are commanded to be fruitful,
Because you have a Seed in You,
Of which you need to be mindful.

Let not where you fell,
Be Your Sleeping Place.
Because in this land where you dwell
You need to improve on your pace.
Be Great, Oo Be Great
Because you are never too late.
Watch Your Thoughts,
They determine your future.
Be yourself and not anyone in nature.
For you are unique in identity.
Nkrumah could never have been Mandela,
And Mandela could never have been Nkrumah,
But they were all great.

The strongest wind never flows a river backwards
So I have my hopes and I look forward
But that doesn’t make me a coward
Never wish there were no bills in bervelly hills
Or you wonder which kind of pills could take away the pain

I saw the beginning of the ending
And the absence of the evidence
Is the evidence of the absence
These are two distinct paradox beyond your comprehension
Can a critically constructed conspiracy be construed to be a crime?
May be my mum might prepare tasty meals in may.

Be Great, Oo Be Great
You Sons of Nkrumah and Mandela,
The Great Africans.

_Antiok – July 2011.
Lordson AMEAMU


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