What can reset days of the 21st century 
Back to the days of creation
When God was like, let there be light and there was light
Let there be this, and there was that.

But by today’s time check
We live in the world of uncertainties
While I feel pains through my veins which are from war
Political vendetta bouncing in the beam of guilt
And so betrayal seems to be  sliced for the innocent masses to lick

For so long, justice and accountability

Has been quarantined,

So the greedy officials think that
They could fill their bellies all in a day
Regardless of the oath they took
To be faithful and loyal, they would always choose to say everyday
I see no flies, but lies flying over my head
When black is painted and called white
But if you see my eyes blaze like a scarlet coal!!!
It is my rage I would want to cast on you
For rendering my existence helpless
While you think you saw me stand alone

So we started counting from  Five down to one

While we kept asking

For how long would people keep losing their live for others to gain power 

To rule  a country they  think they would forever Keep  pleasing 

From the Soweto Somalia days 

And Ivory Coast back to Congo

Hey!!!  Mr Charles! Are you now a Tailor ?

What happened to your people? 

W A R… We Are Refugees, No we are not
But that would be our punishment for
Belittling every danger in social issues we see loom

_Antiok  2014.
Lordson AMEAMU


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