Moments passed by with us both
As I commute day and night
On you I walked, like two friends holding hands
Very sure the route to my destination would never be lost

Though you seem voiceless, I would rather you tell me how I hurt you
The Road, this road, for not too long I knew
But for me, it was like a decade
My union with you, got many thinking the other way
Trust me, I am still sane
Though my loneliness was never the same
Then till now, friendship with you faded
Like a young man getting his head balded
This road on which I rode in fear that would never mend
That road on which they drove, like it had no end

 Darkness arose in the absence of light
But none knew me like you do
I am kept in suspense waiting for you like dawn
As a groom waiting for his bride
Two sides of this road in flashback
Compelling me to be indecisive
Mirages of day light soo vague
And the echoes of the moon light very subtle
The road! , This road!! Or that road!!!
I stood perplexed, while I don’t know which way to go

I began to hate this road
Because I am missing home
The joy of my happiness has been crushed
And the tears of my cry never seem to dry

 The road to fame
And the road to success
Are never the same

 Dangerous road!!! , rough road!!! , scary Road!!! ,
Friendly road!!! , Long road!!! , smooth road!!!
As I balance life’s load on this road
Which way do I go?




9 Comments Add yours

  1. antiok says:

    Send your thoughts

    1. Yvonne says:

      That’s a wonderful piece. Keep it up

  2. Ruby says:

    wow great n skilfully writen. That was an interesting piece.

  3. Kwame Agyei says:

    Wow!!!A great yet captivating poem!! . Big ups to you,Antiok… I know that you are on the right road.Keep up the good work!

  4. Kwadwo Appiah says:

    Very lovely piece…

  5. Abraham says:

    Nice piece
    Road to success
    Road to fame
    Keep on with de great job, thumbs up

  6. Joe says:

    “Darkness arose in the absence of
    But none knew me like you do
    I am kept in suspense waiting for
    you like dawn”…I love this lines.
    Thumps !!

  7. Adonis says:

    Nice piece

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