In my hands, i see a father and a son
In the other , You see a master and a servant
So where lies the honor due the father and master
From the son and the servant?

But by the time the force of gravity was activated
That was when you saw me rising

Each time I fall, i am sure to rise , knowing strength and power belongs to him
Like HE spoke and commanded
Let there be light
But at this moment, let there be silence

While I ,heard them speak of praise for a fool
Being totally out of place
But the Lord, who is my strength , shield and salvation
Who again do you think that i should praise????

Like vapor , we command our praises to rise unto our maker
So he could rain his blessings and uncommon favor upon us like the dew falls

Let us be honest and real
That we have a creator
Who has a name above every name
And that, the whole duty of man
Was to obey his commandments in humbleness and submission
So we could be pleasing in HIS eyes
To hearken, always better than sacrificing the greatest fat of ram

Remember therefore that the creation of we mortals
Was by his divine intervention
Through his powerful spoken word
Every praise counts

The walls of Jericho was broken down through praises , worship and spiritual warship
So why do your predicaments keep staring ” Face to Face”?
What happened to your heart of worship warship?
Every praise counts

Bear with the fact that
The ruler of this world, has raised its wall so high
That we seem unable to climb
But no matter how tough
This situation might be in this helpless hopeless case
There is still hope in the fart of a bee

Praise and grace would walk together
Jehovah needs our praise
While we crave for his grace
For by faith we have been saved through grace
Every single praise counts

_ Antiok

Lordson Ameamu

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