It’s a mother who knows the intensity her child’s hunger!!!
Who then,   knows how hungry  a mentally  derailed person could be?
And so , decide for yourselves
If this was supposed to be a caution to you
Than a sermon you hear but don’t see!!!

Never give up on someone , with a mental illness
When ” I” is replaced by  “We”


So what is the difference between
Mental delinquency
Slavery to politics
And Cognitive chains to religion
You !!! ,have been told to stay focused
So you would not lose your mind
Worthless is the imprisoned mind
And the power of imagination loss

Hold it;
Anorexia Nervosa

His Name ; George Henry Murphy
Psychologically retarded
Socially neglected
Who among you can question my existence?
Walls of reasoning broken into debris
To them , all I see is abnormal
The journey of no destination
They see me travel , while I walk alone
Even with none equal with me in this state
A conference of No Panel of which I preside
Nudity I see very normal
Allow me and my tattered clothes
People, I see with temporal illness
Yet are complaining and ungrateful to God
My mental faculty filled with nonsense
But HE !!! ,who feeds the sparrow
Is the one who stands by me with his arrow

Lunacy , brewed in my brain with no vision
Homeless, helpless, lonely and sick in the mind
No place to call home
Not a relation to call friend
When I am left alone to my fate
I am completely out of control
While I wish to be in a real prison
For my brain and mind be set free
To regain the power of imagination

Lunacy in it’s supremacy
But many are insane
Only a few are naked
I remember every face
While I feel detached
But a voice from no where speaks to me
” Forget them”
While I resume the fruitless duty of my aimless search

Hope is huge , but means nothing to me
My imagination and common sense captured like a game
Then I am compelled to serve
A life sentence in a mobile prison
For the fraternity of love crushed like an egg
And the sanity of intelligence cremated to ashes
And none ready to be my advocate
While my descendants begin to sublime

There are forty kinds of lunacy
But only one common sense
Nothing can you do to a lunatic
Who is more intelligent than you
Give me a stethoscope
While I listen to the best music play
Watching people dump rubbish into gutters
While its my pleasure to see them drown in their foolishness
Is that lunacy or insanity?

Yet I am to see a poet
Who eagerly puts down a word one day
Only to erase it the next moment
Deciding it was one sheer lunacy
It was part of the selection process
And so allow me continue my aimless search
To the land of no destination
While you too will refuse to set loose
Loose , loosen your mind

-Antiok  , March 2016
Lordson Ameamu ANTIOK

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. antiok says:

    please share if you love this.

  2. Jerome Gaby says:

    Woow nyc piece Antiok….. moving to the nxt level………
    “Worthless is the imprisoned MIND”

  3. Abraham says:

    beautiful piece….

  4. Ewurama says:

    Lunacy in its supremacy……good work!

  5. Sophy says:

    Great piece……kudos

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