by  _Antiok.

MY Son , Study the sun
The moon and the breeze
The Love, in disguise and the greed
The hopeful , hopeless and the bee

One day , these tears Which were not supposed
To flow down my cheek ,Would surely dry
For this shoe Which uncomfortably do not fit
Would fit one day
This day , that many despise and forsake me
Would tell its own story in my way

Has my honor , been abated?
And has the grace been eluded?
Wait for the best
Do not settle for less
For His love for me, still is ossified

The bells are chiming
But unwilling is the flesh
For the clouds are fading
While this unexpected sunshine creeps in
One day, I would say
I conceived and I achieved
For the trumpet of success
Has been sounded
And an honor till eternity
Now my vestment
So call me a clown
If I do not appreciate his transposed mercies
Mercenary of my destiny territory

One day, you would understand
The lamentations of your mother
And the instructions of your father
For, Like the visually impaired
My vision is clear
Real love which I never found
Would sail in to my way
Happiness would come and stay
Peace will cling to me
While Victory would be mine
Because My optimism is very strong

You would comb everywhere for me
And There would be no single trace
Not even your soul can whisper to you
which route I took
And when I had to forget about you
One day , you would never find me
Because you are still in bed with your ego
Adam, if you can’t swallow your hubris
Which I still see stuck in your throat
You won’t find me
One day , you too would rewrite your story in your own way
That day , One day Is coming to stay

-Antiok       September 2016
Lordson Ameamu


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