Bored man with a laptop on the couch

It’s a new day, be not taken aback while I quote my self,
” When the broken pieces of hope can’t be fixed
Solitude becomes an illusion of Depression
Those who are fragile and eventually knocked down are the sudden victims of suicide
If you have not been gifted
To see beyond a smooth smile
Don’t you ever Judge them by their act. ”

You see depression is one thing spoken about in seldom.
And you have no idea what it foists people into in the long run.

And in another instance I said,
” IMAGINE how small the Elephant can be, and keep in mind that your troubles are not as big as you can see”
Take a second thought on this.

Just allow me to motivate you while you get ready to make a difference on a new day like this.
For any hard time you are going through now,  allow yourself to sob,  trust me , you would feel good after the cry.

Don’t flee or fight the problem.
Just flow with it, God has a plan to set you loose, Just wait.
Someone is going through worse things than you are, Just keep praying.
“Susuka” and comfort your fears.
If your woes are not worse of than the blind’s, just keep mute and appreciate your rich life.

Law number 22 in the 48 laws of power says;

when you are weak, never fight in honor’s sake. Choose to surrender instead. Surrender gives you time to recover,  time to torment and irritate your conqueror (i.e your woes), time to wait for its power to wane.
Do not give it the satisfaction and power to defeat you – surrender first.
By turning the other cheek ,  you infuriate and unsettle your problems.
Make ‘surrender’ your tool of power.

And in a jiffy victory would be yours.
Just like the way David put it,
” LORD !!!  ,  you lift me up from the pit and put a new song in my mouth”
So where did you dump faith?

Now what is your definition for AMBITION?
Who do you think is the most unique person in this world?
Is it you or someone you aspire to be like?
Think before you give an answer.
What are the two most important days in your life?
The day you were born or the day you die?
The latter is realistic but the second day actually is the day you discover the purpose for which you were born.
True or True?

You are not too young to pursue any dream,  but with age comes wisdom.
Remember, the very act of moving from a vision to a reality can bring out the best in you because it’ll give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
There is enough space in the atmosphere for you to be recognized.
So work extra harder,find and master your circle of influence, claim that space, stand up and  be counted.
I know you have been inspired and you want to share.

COME ON, Don’t be shy.

Just share 😎!!!

_  Antiok

Lordson Ameamu


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