He kept strumming my pains with his guts
Leaving me wondering why things are
No longer how it used to be
Right from scene one
He kept his persistence coming stronger
When I didn’t think of my resistance
Parachuting a little longer
But he became the choice

The kiss was deeper
But the cut through the hymen ,sharpest
If I knew this was supposed
To be some sort of a gamble
Then I would know
Which card to throw
Or when to walk away
Peter was a traitor
But how was I supposed to be in the know

He gradually diminished from the place I gave him
Maybe another me stole him away
Making my thoughts becoming a hovering gull
And my soul, a limping ape

Was my Daddy once a Peter?
But once upon a time on my way to call on a friend
And it was a quarter pass three
Then again, there was Peter
Crossing my path, hoping to come back
To take his self deserted place
Maybe he didn’t find my match
Or I could not find him a replacement
As if he left a stain on my soul

Though he craved holding hands once more
My intuition gave a clue of a second fate
Not to be pummeled again

Oh see! You still want to have your cake?
No search your soul

Maybe for the past six days
He has been Nocturnal
Trying to decipher how to find
His traces back here in that gait I knew

But hell No
I gave him everything I had
And Peter betrayed it
I still remember his captivating grip
As if he was never going to let go

Antiok – 2017.


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