Show by hands
If it is not only by my sight
That I have realized 
That the preachers are
Preaching prosperity instead of salvation

While I got a smack in my neck
For telling you to stop believing
That the world would never end
As if for all this while, you have not been derailed

I have lived for more than two decades
For twenty centuries before my birth
And twenty centuries after my demise
The passage of the ‘second coming’
Which signifies the end of the world
Would be preached in perpetuity

Religious Rivalry is no longer appealing
When one believes that a divine man came
To die for humanity’s sins to grant them salvation
The other opposed this by saying
No man can ever die for another man’s sins
But everybody is responsible
For the stain they cast on their
Individual souls by their own deeds

However ,I am yet to discover a religion
Which has no spiritual pivot
And debunks the judgement day or the ultimate resurrection
Much more even when
The facts chewed over the supremacy between Islam and Christianity
Where the Bible and Qur’an still regarded as stalemates
Of which others think
This is an understatement

From Shintoism to Judaism , Buddhism, Islam and Christianity
Most religions have a conviction in the concept behind the last day
Where the Most gracious ,Most merciful and Omnipotent does not approve Injustice
He will not let the wrongdoers who once lived in impunity go unpunished
Nor will he disappoint the virtuous who have been oppressed without redress by not rewarding their righteousness.
And so for justice to be served
There has to be another life
Other than the present life
Where the righteous and evildoers would be rewarded

But another school of thought has a great opposition
That your life is what actually would
Come to an end by way of death through any means
After the purpose for which you have been sent
To this world has been accomplished
And stresses that humanity should
Seek first the kingdom of the most high with your lives
Which would come to an end soon and not the world

And as to whether this world
Would come to an end or not
Which has been written for so long
And not scientifically proven
Even the angles in heaven who still have the trumpet do not know
One day you would fall like a petal
As a significance to the end of your world
While you wait to be judged on the last day

What we believe is not because
The world is coming to an end
But because we know there is life after death
Which has only two options
Hence choose eternity with
Everlasting joy now that you can
And stop believing that this world  would never ever come to an end.

_ Antiok  2017


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